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We are a leading multi-speciality hospital in Patna offering world class treatment. Patients receive integrated medical care in a multidisciplinary surrounding which enables quick intervention of the other department if required.



Diabetology is the clinical science of diabetes mellitus, its diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. It can be considered a specialised field of endocrinology. The term diabetologist is used in several ways. In other contexts the term diabetologist refers to any physician, including endocrinologists, whose practice and/or research efforts are concentrated mainly in diabetes care. Apart from regulating medication dosage and timing, a diabetologist will also concern themselves with the potential consequences of diabetes, e.g. retinopathy, nephropathy and peripheral neuropathy.


Bhootnath Rd, Bahadurpur Housing Colony, Mahatma Gandhi Nagar, Chitragupta Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800026




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+91-91999 65556

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