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General Surgery

General surgery includes a wide range of surgical techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of wounds and illnesses in any area of the body, as the name suggests. General Surgeon in Patna, then visit K.P. Sinha Memorial Hospital. The skin, breasts, belly, peripheral vascular, and head and neck are among the areas of interest. The abdominal viscera, which comprise the stomach, pancreas, appendix, spleen, liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts, may be the area of concentration for this specialty.

General surgeons are the specialists in charge of performing these surgeries, and they are also involved in the process of diagnosis and operational care prior to, during, and following the surgery. In many jurisdictions, general surgeons may also assist in the care of seriously ill patients and trauma victims. In many nations, training often begins after receiving a primary medical degree and lasts for at least 5 years. Are you looking for one of the best general surgeon in Patna? If your answer is yes, then visit K.P. Sinha Memorial Hospital and meet our dedicated medical professionals. 

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

General Surgeon in Patna

Some common types of general surgery includes 

Abdominal Surgery: Operations involving the organs and tissues of the abdomen are referred to as this subspecialty of general surgery. Tumors, infection, blockage, and inflammation are among the reasons for abdominal surgery. The different abdominal surgical techniques vary according to the cause of the indication. Appendectomies, or the removal of an inflamed appendix, hernia repairs, and the removal of diseased sections of bowel in cases of inflammatory bowel disease and cancer are among the more common abdominal procedures. A team of highly skilled medical professionals have made K.P. Sinha Memorial one of the best hospital for abdominal surgery. 

Breast Surgery: General surgeons conduct numerous non-cosmetic surgical procedures on the breast, ranging from the straightforward removal of tumors to the whole removal of breasts. Breast surgery may also be performed to augment or decrease breast size, collect tissue samples for the purpose of analyzing lesions, or drain abscesses.

Peripheral vascular surgery: Peripheral vascular diseases may be treated surgically by general surgeons who have received specialized training in the field. In order to maintain vascular patency, these treatments make use of catheters, mechanical tools, and balloons in addition to medication. This is required to both prevent and treat vascular conditions like strokes, cramping, and amputation of limbs.

Head and neck surgery: Malignancies of the head and neck, as well as disorders of the sinuses and localized glands in this area, are all treated using this branch of general surgery. Treatment of congenital malformations (such as cleft palate and ear repair) and surgeries to reconstruct head and neck structures are also included in this specialization. In certain areas, otolaryngologists or maxillofacial surgeons do the procedures. At K.P. Sinha Memorial Hospital you will be treated under one of the best head and neck surgeon in Patna

Skin surgery: The excision of cysts, moles, malignant lesions, and other growths are only a few of the reasons that surgery on the skin may be performed. Using local anesthetic, this is frequently performed routinely and may be carried out by a general surgeon. If you or any of your loved ones are suffering from skin related issues then you should meet one of the best skin surgeon in Patna. 

Trauma surgery and critical care: In many jurisdictions, trauma surgery falls under the auspices of general surgical operations. Trauma usually is an emergency situation and as such, general surgeons, with advanced training in trauma, must be prepared to deal with patients requiring urgent surgical care. Emergencies include perforation of internal organs, bleeding, bowel obstructions and massive infections. 


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