Plastic and Reconstructive

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Surgical treatment of congenital deformities including cleft lip and palate, post-surgical reconstruction of breast and head-and-neck problems, and find the best plastic surgeon in Patna the correction of post-traumatic defects are all included in the broad field of plastic surgery.

What do plastic surgeons do?

Reconstructive plastic surgery, which focuses on restoring the function and appearance of the human body following an injury or illness, and aesthetic (often referred to as “cosmetic”) plastic surgery, which primarily aims to alter the appearance due to personal preference, are the two main subspecialties of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is defined by the surgical procedures used, in contrast to most surgical specialties that are defined by an anatomical region. Are you looking for one the best plastic surgeon in Patna? If your answer is yes, then visit K.P. Sinha Memorial Super Specialty Hospital. 

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Aesthetic surgery makes up a smaller but still significant portion of a plastic surgeon’s work week. Reconstructive treatments make up the majority of practically all of their work, covering all elements of wound healing and repair after congenital, acquired, and traumatic issues.

The majority of consultants will have a focus, while almost all will participate in an on-call rota for emergency admissions. Burns, soft tissue damage to limbs, and other emergencies place a heavy burden on plastic surgeons. Dealing with complicated wounds from accidents or after previous surgical procedures, emergency plastic surgery also helps the work of other surgeons.

Due to the complexity and diversity of plastic surgery, these surgeons collaborate closely with a very wide range of teams from other specialities. Large amounts of reconstructive work are necessary after major procedures, and some other fields of surgery have been made possible by the advancement of plastic surgical techniques. Maxillofacial, ENT, and surgical oncologists all rely on the reconstructive methods created by plastic surgeons.

Aesthetic surgery is a comparable field of practice that uses plastic surgical methods, but it alters the body to enhance look rather than to treat illness. Typically, the NHS does not offer these operations.

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The principle subspecialties of plastic surgery

A vast population receives a more general treatment from plastic surgeons who practise in almost all subspecialties. Here are some of the most typical specialties:

Congenital: Treatments for congenital abnormalities such cleft lip and palate, face and ear deformities, and craniofacial defects, as well as hypospadias and other genito-urinary anomalies, upper limb anomalies, and congenital skin conditions.

Breast surgery: Congenital defects, cosmetic breast surgery, and breast reconstruction after cancer

Skin: Management of skin cancer metastases in lymph glands and elsewhere, including excision and repair for benign and malignant skin conditions.

Trauma: Damage includes lower limb trauma, including open fractures and burn injuries, as well as reconstructive treatment of facial trauma.

Cancer: Removal of cancerous tumours and benign skin lesions; reconstruction of the breast following cancer therapies; treatment of and reconstruction following various malignancies, such as sarcoma, “head and neck” cancer, and perineal cancers.

Hand and upper limb surgery: It is a specialised form of care for a complex portion of the body where quality of life depends on function. Taking care of congenital hand abnormalities, treating hand and upper limb traumas, and treating degenerative hand disease.

Aesthetic surgery: Often referred to as “cosmetic surgery,” aesthetic surgery is the deliberate alteration of one’s appearance without medical intervention. There are crucial connections between reconstructive and aesthetic operations, even though they are typically not provided by the NHS. Plastic surgeons use aesthetic surgical concepts to guide their reconstructive work. 

Large abnormalities that need to be repaired, persistent wounds like pressure sores and other wounds, leg ulcers like venous and other ulcers, and the effects of life-threatening infections are additional prevalent disorders that may call for plastic surgery. 


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