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Physiotherapy or Physical therapy is the process of recovering health through physical examination, diagnosis, rehabilitation, prognosis, etc. Medical professionals who perform these duties are termed as Physiotherapist or Physical therapist. Generally, physical therapy is used in treating injuries or illness which has limited the movement and functional activities in our day to day lives.

At K.P. Sinha Memorial Hospital, our physiotherapist are always focused in providing physiotherapy and healing services to patients in pre and post recovery stage. Whether helping a kid with developmental defects, paralyzed/strokes patients back to their feet or making body movements in senior citizens properly- our physiotherapists are committed to help patients to recover or rehabilitate to the earliest point of time. If you are looking for one of the best hospital for physiotherapy in Patna then visit K.P. Sinha Memorial Super Speciality Hospital. 

When we talk about the Rehabilitation team regarding their experience, then they are one who has vast experience in handling cases with best care. Our physiotherapists are expert in treating different conditions like musculoskeletal sprains, arthritis, back pain, strain, posture problem, injuries and reduced mobility. It also covers treatment for developmental disorders. Physical rehabilitation is an important part of recovery for those who are bed ridden from a long time or where mobility is affected. Patients have acknowledged that K.P. Sinha Memorial Super Speciality is one of the best hospital for physiotherapy services in Patna. 

Hospital For Physiotherapy in Patna

Physiotherapist in Patna

At our hospital, variety of physical therapy rehabilitation and treatment are available which can be classified as below:

Musculoskeletal/Orthopedic Rehabilitation



Joint replacement

Sports surgery

Degenerative condition

Gynecological Rehabilitation

For pregnant ladies, we have special physiotherapy sessions where antenatal and postnatal exercises are performed under the guidance of expert physiotherapists.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Strokes related disability

Spinal fracture

Any kind, of mobility issue related to neurological parts are well examined and followed by proper therapy. If you want to know more about our physiotherapy services, we are just one click away. Book your appointment online today or give a call and get your physiotherapy treatment done at affordable fees. If you are looking for one of the best physiotherapist in Patna  then meet the medical professionals of K.P. Sinha Memorial Super Speciality Hospital in Patna. 


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