Health Check Up

Benefits of Regular Health Checkups 

Regular health check-ups and tests can help identify issues before they become serious. They can also assist in detecting issues early on, when your chances of receiving treatment and a cure are higher. Your chances of living a longer, healthier life are increased by receiving the appropriate health care services, screenings, and treatments. The kind of healthcare you require and how frequently you need it depend on your age, health, family history, way of life (such as what you eat, how active you are, and if you smoke).

Men over the age of 30 are strongly encouraged to get the full Executive Health Check-Up Package, which provides a thorough evaluation of a man’s health status. And undoubtedly, KP Memorial Hospital is one of the foremost options when you are looking for a medical space for health checkup. The tests provided by us include

CBC Test

Lipid Profile Test

Iron Profile Test

Thyroid Profile Test

Kidney Function Test

Liver Function Test


Test for Hepatitis B



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